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The House of BEAMS

Memberarea by Liza Leiss

You can have it all & it starts within you.

Welcome Sunbeam!

It’s time to go deep to rise high. Here you can access all your courses that you are enrolled in.

My invitation for you is to make sure that all of your outside distractions are turned off.

I might just say the one thing that you need to hear today.

So make sure that you have something to write and obviously watch each video at a time. This is very intentional.

Have  fun!


and keep in mind!

YOUR Inner work is uniQue!

For me it is really important that you know that everyone goes through life differently, everyone of us does life in a different way but every way is imperfectly perfect. I also wish I could give you one solution for pain, mindfucks, triggers, doubts that definitely works.
But, the truth is I can’t. It’s a process and it is different
for  everyone

It’s important to face the fact and the truth about inner work and personal growth. Personal growth can be linear and all over the place, it can be circular or even exponential. Personal growth can bring you right back where you started. But this is simply because there are so many layers that need to be discovered and worked through on a consistent basis that there is simply no one-size-fits-all solution. Learning never really ends and you might go through ups and downs, chaos, wtf-moments, frustrations. But believe me, facing chaos means you’re on the right path, it means there is something about to happen.

✺ Be open.
✺ Be grateful.
✺ Be you, because no one else can do it better than you.

it starts within you, beam!

When you’re ready to understand, accept and break down old realities & identities, the new neuronal restructuring can begin. That is often where many people give up because it’s so challenging, and difficult, messy, sad, confusing, and you might even start questioning yourself. But please, stay strong! Confusion is not something bad, it is the fact that you are experiencing something new, and ultimately that you are about to break through. What I can tell you is that if you are badass enough to feel your pain, then you are badass enough to heal your pain.

Very few breakthroughs come without a few break-downs along the way. Be there and stay the course. These transitional periods, while necessary to our growth, often bring discomfort and pain or even leave us feeling incredibly vulnerable. Show appreciation, be compassionate and be gentle with yourself.

Moving from where you were to where you are takes some getting used to.