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True Self Blueprint (EN-BBB)


Know who you really are, hear the voice of your heart and find your inner guidance. Come back to your true self and bring success, love and ease into your life. True Self Blueprint is a 3-month coaching program in which Liza Marie helps you find clarity and unshakable self-trust. TSB supports you to build inner strength, loving (self-)acceptance and compassion. Liza Marie gives you the coaching tools you need to maintain your inner calm and start a sustainable transformation.

What if…

  • ….you felt more confident than you imagined you could feel in both yourself as a person & in your abilities?
  • … you could feel lighter, empowered & even excited about the future, even and especially if it is uncertain, in order to do the things that you want?
  • … you were able to prioritize yourself in order to first fill up your own cup and therefore feel fully able to support those around you completely…
  • Would you like to know who you truly are & what you actually want to do?… without being worried about what others think, without feeling guilty, without feeling unworthy and without destroying the harmony in any relationship?

I’ve created this program to teach my signature methodology that has allowed me to cultivate the true self-love, unshakable self-trust & consistent confidence that we all deserve. That is how “The True Self Blueprint” was born & why I am so very passionate about it!

Course Information


Course Instructor

Liza Liza Author
  • Pre-Study
    • TSB Module 1 – Overview BB
    • TSB Module 1.1 – EN
    • TSB Module 1.2 – EN
    • TSB Module 1.3 – EN
  • Conditioning & Inner Child
    • TSB Module 2 – Overview BB
    • TSB Module 2.1 – EN
    • TSB Modul 2.2 – EN
    • TSB Modul 2.3 – EN
    • TSB Modul 2.4 – EN
    • TSB Modul 2.5 – EN (Bonus)
  • Your Why
    • TSB Module 3 – Overview BB
    • TSB Modul 3.1 – EN
    • TSB Modul 3.2 – EN